PAX Puck Press

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Craft your own pressed herb pucks effortlessly for your PAX vaporizer with the Puck Press. Perfect fit for PAX ovens, works with standard and half-pack lids. Elevate your sessions with efficient extraction and customisable precision,

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Introducing The Pax Puck Press 

Craft tailored herb pucks fitting seamlessly into PAX ovens, compatible with standard and half-pack lids. Achieve efficient extraction and customise your sessions with this simple yet indispensable accessory, catering to both seasoned users and beginners alike. Built for enduring strength, this vaporizer accessory withstands regular use, consistently delivering flawlessly packed material in every session. Its reliable construction guarantees lasting accuracy and optimal performance over the long term.

How To Use

Simply fill the chamber with your ground material and press the plunger to the preferred puck size indicated by the 'half' or 'full' puck indicators on the plunger. You will always get consistent, firmly packed pucks with this easy-to-use vaporizer accessory. The Puck Press is equipped with a magnetic connection. Affix the press onto your PAX device, and the integrated magnets will firmly click the bottom of the press into place, providing a smooth and secure experience.