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Grease for Santa Cruz Shredder Metal Grinders - 12 Pack

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Transform your aging herb grinder into a breeze to use again with Grinder Grease by Santa Cruz Shredder. This all-natural hemp oil-based product effortlessly lubricates the threads, edges, and spacers, ensuring smooth turning every time.

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Restore the Performance of Your Herb Grinder Effortlessly

Say goodbye to the frustration of a sluggish herb grinder and welcome back the smooth, efficient grinding experience you deserve. Introducing Shredder Grease by Santa Cruz Shredder, a reliable solution designed to bring your grinder back to life.

Over time, herb residue tends to accumulate, causing stickiness on the grinder's edges and plastic spacers. This build-up hampers the turning mechanism, making grinding a tedious and uncomfortable task. But with Shredder Grease, made from natural hemp oil, you can effortlessly restore your grinder's performance.

Simply apply Shredder Grease to your grinder's lid, threading, and plastic spacers, and witness the transformation. The natural hemp oil formula effectively eliminates stickiness, allowing for smooth and easy grinding once again.

Rediscover the joy of hassle-free grinding with Shredder Grease by Santa Cruz Shredder. Restore your herb grinder's functionality and enjoy a renewed grinding experience, without the hassle and discomfort.