The bud case bundle with lid open.
The budcase bundle.
two budcase bundles next to each other.

Pax BudKups Bud Case Bundle

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Introducing the Pax BudKups 3.0 – Bud Case Bundle, offering effortless convenience with its stainless steel BudKups that eliminate the need for frequent cleaning, and a sealed storage container to preserve herb freshness until your next session. Enjoy the reusable and easy-to-maintain BudKups, along with the Bud Case, for a streamlined vaping experience.

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Effortless Convenience: Pax BudKups 3.0 – Bud Case Bundle

Experience unparalleled convenience with the Pax BudKups 3.0 – Bud Case Bundle. The BudKups Generation 3.0 revolutionises your vaping routine, allowing you to pre-grind multiple herb loads and eliminate the need for frequent vaporizer cleaning. Simply tap your device, and the BudKup effortlessly pops out, making your vaping session a breeze. The bundle includes six stainless steel BudKups, ensuring long-lasting performance. Additionally, the Bud Case, along with the sealed storage container, maintains optimal humidity levels, keeping your herbs fresh until your next session.

Reusable and Easy to Maintain

Designed for durability, the six stainless steel BudKups Generation 3.0 included in this bundle offer repeated use and exceptional value. Any sticky residue left in the cups can be effortlessly removed by soaking them in alcohol. With the BudKups, you can grind your herbs in advance, saving time and effort, while the Bud Case and storage container prevent drying, preserving the quality of your herbs until you're ready to vape again. Streamline your vaping experience with the Pax BudKups 3.0 – Bud Case Bundle.